Idea: hero statistics

Don’t know if this has been proposed before but the idea is one of an extra feature for your favourite heroes. Everyone has his/hers heroe that has a special place in his heart. So this is my idea:

Evey hero has a special that somehow needs to be tracked by the game and tells you :

  • How many damage he/she has done
  • How many kills he/she did
  • How much mana has been generated or has been destroyed
  • How much heroes have been saved through healing
  • How much health has been generated

They could give titles to those heroes in their specific field like: rookie, junior, senior, expert, veteran, … when a certain number is reached. Maybe a cool emblem or symbol.

No need to give those heroes better stats or better abilities , just a way to let them know we appreciate them :slight_smile: .

What do you guys think?

Servers will explode with such extra data for billions of hero cards and all of these updating in every single second. I don’t think we will ever see something like this. Besides, I don’t see the purpose. There are other many issues to be solved, many other useful features to be implemented. Including S3.

Yes, that! And finally including S2 heroes in our training camps.We sure need them to stand a chance against the insanely overpowered heroes that are about to arrive… I keep thinking about the way that G. Chameleon will change the way we raid…

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The most dangerous is in tournaments. Let’s say yellow is not allowed. Most opponents will have purple tanks or even whole middle. Bring Chameleon and other 2 greens and will change the entire defense in blue. The best hero for tournaments, no doubt.

And I understood his ability has nothing to do with the colour restrictions. In this case, if you bring 2-3 yellows, the defense will turn purple, even if the colour is not allowed. I asked in July this and this was the answer.

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