Idea: global chat rooms

Global chat is an absolute mad house I’ve played a few different games that have an everyone chat but I’ve never seen one that is so chaotic. When I played mobile strike they had ppl broke into different providence and each providence had maybe 10k ppl on it. The chat was steady and not as much a read fast til your eyes hurt and headache starts. If there could be more available chat room options it might break ppl off a bit better. Time zone break down would be nice. I know there is separations between languages but there are a lot of English speaking countries around the world and were all crammed into one only a couple chat rooms
One chat which would be great would be an 18+ chat. I know this is an everyone friendly game but it’s mostly adults if someone is offended by language they can choose to not use the 18+ room. There are a lot of ppl looking for an alliance who are 18+ just because of all the kids and teen drama. If ppl are logging in with their Google or iOS accounts the age is accessible and anyone under 18 just won’t be alloud in the room. If a player or alliance chooses a name which uses any offensive language they get a message warning them of the issue and if they choose to keep the name they will be restricted from using any room other than 18+.

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