Idea: Gameplay Tiers

Edited to add some context for the idea:

We know we are well into the game’s death spiral at this point, and that overall it’s no longer a fun or playable game in many aspects for almost all players. If you want to debate these points, find other threads. They’re all out there, in abundance. Here’s a simple idea that I think will solve the most problems in the simplest fashion.

Diamond should be an exclusive, opt-in tier that isolates its players from the rest of the player base.

Right now, many aspects of the game are unplayable (or just painfully lame wastes of time) for most people, War and Raids being the best examples. Some positive benefits of this change:

It ends the behavior of cup-dropping.
It ends having to face 30 GM-Telluria-Vela every war.
It ends the wealthy exploiting and hurting the poor for their amusement (let whales bash each other exclusively).

Emblems started the process of making War and Raids unplayable, the shift toward massively overpowered HotM has accelerated the process.

Folks, this is what I propose.

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I’m going to reboot the discussion by removing all replies and restarting the thread in a few hours as it’s seriously derailed.


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Diamond is already an opt-in tier. If you don’t want to raid there, drop cups to get to platinum, gold, or silver. Just expect the loot in your raid chest to drop too.

Or, you could read up on the many raid tips threads and figure out how to improve your chances with the heroes you have…

Or, you could realize that you don’t have to try to compete with the big spenders to have fun. Find an alliance you like with a titan level you’re comfortable with, opt out of wars if you don’t like them, and play the game your way.

I personally enjoy raids and wars, but that doesn’t mean everyone has to. I don’t reroll, and I don’t revenge unless it is someone I know. Other players reroll looking for ham, iron, trophies, or certain team compositions. Others revenge every loss. That’s cool.

I don’t enjoy competing for top tier in challenge events, so I just play through for the completion rewards, then farm challenge coins on the lower levels. Others enjoy pushing for the top spot. That’s cool too.

I guess what I’m saying is, play the game your way and let everyone else play it theirs. If your enjoyment of the game hinges on dictating how others play it, there’s a deeper problem here than just the game


Some of these threads are very amusing. It’s funny to hear someone complain about how the game is no fun but yet they still play it. Nobody here is forced to play or spend any money. There is always candy crush for those who aren’t having “any fun”:joy::joy:

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