Idea for Season 3 story-line: The Time Machine

Hi, everyone. I love season 2 Atlantis story-line and my imagination is running rampant on what should occur for season 3. This is my crazy story-line. Please, feel free to make fun of it and/or add other crazy story-line ideas.

At the end of Season 2, our heroes enter the city of Atlantis in where they find a time machine. Suddenly, the machine activates transporting the heroes to the Trojan War. The time machine is stolen and the heroes must join a war side in order to gain information on who stole it. The map is divided into two areas: one if you join the Greeks and the other if you join the Trojans. Depending on your choice, you must defeat different heroes such as:

  • Helen of Troy - which can only be defeated by female heroes since male heroes go gaga on her.

  • Paris - who can only be defeated by male heroes since female heroes go gaga on him.

  • Aquiles - who can only be put down by an arrow on his talon. Therefore, your group of heroes must include at least one archer.

  • The Trojan Horse - to destroy it you must kill 100 Greek minions (enough to fill a monster chest) coming out of it before finally been burn to ashes with fire heroes.

Once one side of the war is completed, our heroes can join the other side of the war. At the end of the season 3, our heroes find the time machine and they are gone to a new story-line.

So it would be like impossible to kill certain bosses/raid heroes unless you coincidentally decided to level up heroes with a certain design or of a certain gender?

Im not sure I like that concept :confused:

Like what if the only archer I have is a measly 3 star like berden? Really dont want this to become a thing

I haven’t noticed one yet :yum:

Not so sure about your specials, but choosing a different course of action could be very interesting.

And some Greek Heroes also a possibility + some of the deities are already included

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