Idea for New Special Skill: Tile Alteration

How would you like a hero or battle item that increases the chance of new tiles to be a specific color?

It exists in the hunting lodge called the scroll of Alteration. It’s just not as awesome as people would like.

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Oh, ok. Thanks :slight_smile: But then at least a hero with that ability would be nice

That’s an interesting idea and sounds cool (within reason) as I like increasing the used hero pool more and unique special skill ideas like this would do that.

… a hero that exists for attacking only, not for defending. It doesn’t make sense for defenders to manipulate tiles.

The kind of ability that is appropriate for attackers only, has been restricted to items – and should be.

One of the issues with creating a hero special that manipulates the board is how that special would work on defense. Would it still affect the attacking player’s board, potentially making it exploitable by a cunning player? Would there be some mechanism that gives a similar benefit to the defense team (in this case, maybe faster or multiple slash attacks)? Would that part of the special simply not do anything?

I mean in theory what would prevent that special from altering an attacker’s tiles to match the hero’s tile (or even the tile they are naturally strong against).

I think there are creative ways something could be phrased.