Idea for new challenge event

We now have 5 rotating challenge events. The year has 12 months, so there is a certain logic to having 6 such events, so that they are easier to predict. My idea has a lot of hero ideas, so it might actually be more reasonable as a seasonal event (I understand that the summer and fall events are two weeks long, so that an extra event between those would be thinkable.) But I leave that to the experts.

Concept: The Ring of the Nibelung / Germanic mythology

Thinking in the lines of the challenge events, we have reflecting events for each of the the 5 elements. This would be and “absorbing” event. A cloud would float between the two teams, blocking 2 to 3 spaces. Any tiles that pass through that cloud lose their color, and so hit for 1 point, while still charging mana. The same idea would presumably work as a seasonal “special”.

5-star hero ideas:

Wotan (could be dropped to 4 stars, renamed “The Wanderer”) -
Color: Yellow (or green)
Special ability: The Spear of Law (clears buffs from enemies, debuffs from allies, and damages one enemy)
Class: Wizard

Brunhild -
Color: Blue
Special ability: “The Fat Lady Sings” - a standard “hit all enemies”, with the special effect that, should her team be defeated, she immediately revives with full mana and some number of hits (10%, maybe), thus getting a last chance. Because “It ain’t over till the fat lady sings”.
Class: Paladin

Siegfried -
Color: Red or Green
Special ability: Hunting Horn: a strong buffer/debuffer, possibly with a splash damage effect thrown in
Class: Fighter or Barbarian

Alberich (since the name is in use, change to Nibelung King) -
Color: Purple
Special ability: Tarnhelm - after the special is fired, a random form is chosen for the player. For example: Dragonian (150% attack, 125% defense, blinding curse); Snake (125% attack, 175% defense, poison strike). In the group there should also be Mouse (5% attack, 200% defense, attack boost for himself only) and Nibelung (100% attack/defense, only shapeshift as power).
Class: Sorceror

4-star heroes:

Loge -
Color: Red
Specials: Fire attack on all enemies
Class: Rogue

Mime -
Color: Purple
Special: Offers one item out of the user’s stock to be immediately used (even in raids/events where said item would not be available). I thought to divide the items into 6 classes (healing, mana, antidotes, reviving, attacks, miscellaneous). Mime always offers the “best” (highest level in the crafting list) item from four of these categories. If the user is defending (raids/war), the item is one that the player had, but it is not used up (too frustrating to get up in the morning and find that a defense Mime has used up all your dragon attacks). One would have to define exactly what a time stop does when used by the AI (possibly causes all tile matches to be non-colored as above for two turns?).
Class: Not sure. Druid?

Sigurd and Siglinde are possibilities here as well, as ist Fafnir the dragon.

Three Rhinemaidens (Woglinde, Flosshilde and Wellgunde). These have a family bonus as in Season 2, and are designed so that they are serviceable 3-stars alone, in a pair they are good 3-stars, all three are on the edge of being 4-stars. (For instance, one is a healer who heals 20% / 30% / or 40%, depending on how many of the three are present.)

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