Idea for New Battle Item

I understand that there isn’t currently any way to incorporate new items; but I had the thought this morning that it would be amazing if we could have a battle item which were simply called Vivica’s Blessing. Vivica has one of the best specials in the game, and it would be amazing if we could simply trigger it on titan or map battle by using an item. Even furthering the idea, if they ever wanted to create a new building, they could duplicate the maxed specials of some of the best classic heroes and call it a Skill Forge. Materials for creating specials could be available from Chests and Titans and such or maybe even different Season 3 worlds randomly if programmers were feeling generous :wink:

Wouldn’t this take away from the very struggle and joy of not only getting said hero but maxing them?

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I don’t know; maybe slightly, but I feel like most seasoned players focus less on classic heroes than new heroes. I’m also thinking that per the cost i wouldn’t think it would be feasible to spend exorbitantly for the specials, and the thrill may be higher because then you could use the heroes special without needing to waste crafting items. Thoughts Doc?

What do you see the costs being?

Vivica’s skills as a battle item, you say? We already have that and more. Get your Hunter’s Lodge and you’ll be able to craft Panacea, which not only heal 500 HP and gives +30 defense, it also cleanses status ailments afflicting ally heroes and gives +30% attack. HL may also already provide some of the heroes’ skills and advanced versions of some of those that can be crafted from the Forge.

An equivalent to Titan Hearts and Skulls; just a new type of crafting material

Very similar; I’m thinking also with Azlar and Richard, some of the classics (I think there are only like 20 anyway)

Dragon Attack approximately simulates the damage and burn that may be caused by Azlar.

I suggest you review battle items that can be crafted from the Forge and Hunter’s Lodge.

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