Idea for more iron


Now i have all this iron but i dont have any stuff to crafting weapons

I think nice idea if i can change 1m iron to 100 games
Or change 1m iron to 1m food same price

Nice idea to all playing upgrade all mine iron and iron storage to mex level 20

1m Iron to 100gems :joy::joy::joy::joy:? Stop dreaming. Maybe to 0,0001 gems. But even that won‘t happen…

I gave a close Idea before
And found that this will make less funds to SG.
So ideas like this are refused.
Any way.
Players with VIP do need tons of iron.
And bigger buildings need tons of iron as well.
Crafting tools of lv20 forgs can take 100k iron for each.
Fella you will need more iron than you can imagin.

It would be nice to be able to turn iron to hams, and vice versa, at some trading rate (e.g. 2:1).

Or to complete items without reagents for an increased cost…

Better yet, have a trading store where you can trade ham/iron for farmable ingredients.
There are 20 ingredients - you could have a trading store with 20 levels.

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At this point I’d settle for a way to dispose of iron for no return at all. My current limit on using it is crafting materials, otherwise it sits and is wasted.

I think the only realistic idea for another iron usage is a) adding some new feature that uses iron as a resource (like new battle items, new training camp levels or trainer heroes trainings)
b) changing resource from existing features from food to iron:

  • battle items crafting (now we use both food and iron to craft them, change them all to iron)
  • maybe rerolls in raids changed from food to iron?

Iron surely needs some touch ups cause once you’ve build your base there is practically no use for it exept from crafting. While food you can use non stop.

Or the crafting of most items use both iron and ham instead of just one type of resource.