Idea for Maxed out Bases- Gathering Quests

So for all of us who have paid for two builders but have maxed out bases, I have an idea what to do with our builders. What if we could send them to find treasure hunting grounds in search of caches of farmable items? The idea would work this way: Send a hero out for 24 hours to find a treasure hunting ground. They return and mention a gem mine, dragon graveyard, orchard (for food), forest (for wood), etc. Once you find a source, you have the option to either choose a resource gathering mission (where you would get a random number between 10-20 of that item) or you can try to discover another resource cache. This will continue until all the missions have been met, but even after that, your builders can always go out and get more of those items. This is great for those who are always limited by one item like dragon bones or orchidalcum nuggets for crafting.