Idea for making the game more fun

My idea for something that this game needs to have in order for players to not only get that feeling of making progress in the game, which countless players don’t, but most importantly to bring back some fun into the game.

Spending many, many months just getting through and finishing each season is very tiring, and requires putting in a whole lot of time and effort. Once a player has fully completed a season, whether it’s S1, 2, 3 or 4, a player aught to receive something worthwhile, not just a few ascension materials and simple tokens, but something that actually feels rewarding, after all, finishing a full season is a great accomplishment, especially S2, S3, and S4, which requires going through the entire season twice.
My idea for giving players a truly rewarding item for finally completing a full season is this: when players finish S1 for the first time, apart from the ascension materials the game should reward players with 1 extra item, something that can be called a “Legendary Hero Token”, something that is rewarded only once for completing S1. A Legendary Hero Token would guarantee a player 1 random S1 legendary hero. I don’t think it’s asking too much, I believe it’s a just reward for finishing a full season.

Something similar should be rewarded to players when they complete S2 for the first time, something we can perhaps call a “Golden Atlantis Coin, rewarded only once after finishing S2 on hard. The coin would guarantee a random S2 Legendary hero. After finishing a full season, such as S2, which requires going through the entire season twice and can easily take up to a year to complete, rewarding players with such an item is definitely something they aught to receive, not just a few hundred Atlantis coins which don’t guarantee anything truly rewarding. When I completed S2, both on normal and hard, the Atlantis coins I received simply gave me a few random S1 3-star heroes, very disappointing, making me feel heart-brokenI, I had finished that entire season for nothing, totally pointless.

My idea would include the same concept for completing S3 on hard.

These particular tokens/coins would never be given in any other form of rewards, it would be given just 1 time when completing a full season. Completing S1 would include 1 Legendary Hero Token in addition to the other rewards. Completing S2 on hard would reward 1 Golden Atlantis Coin, along with the regular rewards, and a Golden Valhalla Coin for completing S3 on Hard.

This would be the only way in which to earn these tokens/coins, they would not be included in any Path of Valor, or any other type of rewards, just 1 time and that’s it.

Too many players go through this game, progressing in each season with very little to nothing gained. Spending tons of money, performing countless summons of all types and getting nothing but a bunch of duplicate heroes which they don’t need, and most of the time get no Legendary heroes out of it.

Players need to be given meaningful rewards for big accomplishments, but the way this game functions today is the equivalent of a gambling casino, that’s all it is, a gambling casino! It’s no wonder why so many players which I know and also don’t know have drifted away from this game and moved onto newer and better games. E&P was so much fun in its early years, and in my opinion, it has turned into something very ugly, and seems to have almost no appeal anymore.

Anyways, that’s my idea for improving the game, I only hope that it will influence a bit of change and good progress, if only by a little bit.

Hm… :thinking:

I don’t disagree with the general concept of earning a 5* after completion of its respective Season. I do disagree with the suggested implementation of a token to do so, because the likelihood is it would just be something else for SGG to monetise and introduce even more currencies (we already have twelve) into the game.

This does bring up one of my main gripes about the game though: the grind is not rewarded. Something like this would go some way of addressing this particular grumble. As such, I doubt they’ll ever do it…

This is why I suggested more of an alkashards system on a different thread a few days ago.

I like this idea but would make one suggestion allow you to win repeat the season and get a chance of getting another coin. I just finished Valhalla on Hard and there are lots of heroes I didn’t get but would like so i think you should be able to reset the completion and start again and then earn another coin .