Idea for Global Ranking

Hello there.
Here is my idea for Leaderboard ranking top players and top alliances. So far we have the player ranks separated into global, local and tournament categories.
For Global, I’d suggest to reward weekly top 3 or top 10 players based on how long that player stayed in 1st place on that leaderboard during that week. By doing that Players will be interested to rank as high as possible, which increases their activity. Also players may spend their crystals on raid flasks, on raid protection and cancel it after they lose their 1st place rank. Another idea would be: At the end of the week, players placed in top 10 may be rewarded with avatars, tokens, emblems, hotm or anything you guys can give.
For tournaments, I understand that players are already rewarded, but I think it would be fair if the top 10 players in tournament will get an extra ascension material, tokens or whatever you suggest when the tournament ends.
For top alliances, I’d reward them at the end of the week with a nice avatar.

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