Idea for fun loot tournament

So, we’re all complaining about loot. A lot of us are complaining about already set p2w event tournies and few of us care about raid tournies (presumptions I know, but why not). How about:

  1. Quest tournaments
    1 - 4 quests that runs continously through the month where the point is, we’ll basically, just to participate… We have a nightmare time to keep our allience members (unless you are in the lucky top 300) to participate daily (even weekly) to do some work, so why not make continuity be its own reward? Participate daily for a month and you’ll be rewarded a 3* (random, but unfarmable) ascension mat. Participate on a high level (or 2 months straight) and you’ll get a 4* ascension mat.
  2. Titan tounament
    If you have beaten 2 titans in a row a timer starts: 4 titans to go (beat in a row) and you’ll get: 3* ascension mat. Works only if you’ve dealt x amount of damage to each titan and a little more in total.
  3. Heros quest
    Who can make the most kills (damage) with a certain hero within a certain time frame. Huge bonus for low lvl heros, i.e. A 1/1 lianna doing one KO (tons of damage) is worth a lot more than a fully lvld Lianna doing a KO.
  4. Alliance tournament (no big rewards except maybe a trainer hero for the winner)
    Exactly like a war! You play against all your alliance members war defense teams. 1500 points if you 1 shot them all. 1 try against everyone. Same fricking board for everyone on every battle, random only after first move. You’ll have to preset 6 teams from the get go (you’ll see your 6 matches and can set up your teams from that) . If you win all your 6 matches you can use all of the heros again, if not you lose your 1st team and must set 1 new team. If you don’t have enough heroes you’ll have to choose from fully lvld 1* (with emblems).

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