Idea for fair play in alliance wars

I would just like to throw an idea at you that may make alliance wars more fair to play. First I will tell you why I think this may be a good idea.

During the last alliance wars, one of the members of my alliance was attacked no less than 17 times. 6 by 1 person and 3 by 2 others 2 by 2 others and 1 to finally defeat him.
You must admit that this is clearly unfair which is why I came up with this idea.

The Idea.
I think that every member should only be allowed to be attacked 6 times at the most. This way there is a good chance that everyone in the alliance will be raided. If any member has flags left after every member has been attacked 6 times because they defeated a team, then and only then when everyone has been attacked 6 times can the spare flags be used on members again making it more than 6 attacks.
By doing this it will also encourage players to play the wars and join in and I think that alliance chat will also come alive more.

You must agree that something needs to be done with the system as it is to let 1 person be attacked by so many people with so many hits.

I fully see where you’re coming from, but consider that your opponents wasted no less than 16 flags just to scrape 30 or so bonus points from your man. Let them do it, I say.

If they’re all aiming attacks at your weaker players, they’re going to score very low. If it takes them that many attempts to take down one of your strongest, they’re still using flags very inefficiently. Is it safe to assume you guys won?


But that’s a great performance by your defender, to suck up 17 attacks! Attacks are a limited resource - each alliance has only 180 - so for one player to suck up almost 10% of an opponent’s total available hits is a spectacular achievement.

The perfect performance is for one player to be attacked 180 times and not defeated. Not likely, I know, but the possibility is tantalising. I’d be opposed to limiting the number of attacks any one player can receive. I don’t see the benefit.


Yes we were all so proud of him because his team isn’t particularly strong but it is a well thought out team with the right balance.

I haven’t been raided once yet.

That’s thanks to your teammate sucking up all those attacks.


If a player if my alliance would get attacked 16 time and there would still be one hero left, we would celebrate him/her (he or she would do so as well) and feel a bit of “schadenfreude”.

Believe me we did. The best thing is he’s not the strongest of players so it just shows what a well thought out team can achieve.

So why do you want to change something? It’s completely in control of the other alli how often they want to attack one of your players that is still alive. There is nothing unfair about it, if they want to throw away their attacks.

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I would love for someone to actually attack my team in an alliance war… But that’s not the point of the wars. We all pick our targets based on who we think we can beat - I’m not in favor of this proposal at all.

Right now my last two war flags consist of two level 1 4* heroes and eight level 1 3* heroes. Last thing I want to do is be told I only get to throw them at people with team power of 3400+

Please don’t misunderstand me I don’t think it’s unfair in that way. To be honest I only brought it up because although he was happy for surviving all those attacks he also felt a grieved that he was picked on.
The idea is actually from him and not myself. Personally I agree with you but he asked me to do that for him and I have. Lol.

you wouldn’t be that kind to spread the team your alli-mate put up?