Idea for developing new players empires

This is an idea that would help a lot of players including F2P but essentially the new ones who start with very weak teams and are not lucky to summon great heroes.

  1. Establish a set of 5* heroes which will be basic for everyone, one per element (For example, Richard, Vivica and Elena the three good guys from story plus Domitia and elkanen or kadilen)
  2. Make special quests with a storyline based on element (for example, ice - let’s climb the ice mountain to help those villagers and set them free of wolves and monsters bla bla)
  3. The LAST level of the quest will have Richard and Kiril or Boril or Sonya as bosses, with defined difficulty.
  4. Whoever gets to beat the quest will receive as prize Richard!
  5. When all quests are done everyone will have the chance to get a rainbow 5* team.

Of course there are many things to consider, it’s just a simple idea I had and they would have to consider the power needed to be able to defeat those 5* heroes as a boss. Maybe offer it to players who have level 18 or higher. Instead of everyone having just Bane as a guaranteed, let’s give all a established set of guaranteed good / long term heroes!

Hope you guys like the idea and I’m sure it would help and stimulate large ammout of players to play more, having nice heroes and not getting frustrated.

I agree and hope this happens. I have new players joining my alliance all the time with low level heroes and they struggle on everything from raids and alliance wars to playing levels at times. I know this will help all new players and get people not only playing more BUT also gets them more comfortable playing the game while giving tjem a chance instead of them dying 2 or 3 moves in.

I disagree with an entire team of 5*. It would be the same thing all over again with slightly stronger heros. How long does it take a player to max a 5*? Let alone starting from day 1.

That wouldn’t solve anything other than give the illusion they have a better hero.

5*'s are no joke and are a pain to level. Not to mention all of the MAT’s needed.

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Yes but it gives motivation! Ascension mats are rare and difficult for everyone anyway. At least everyone could be part of the game. It would provide just a basic structure for the players have both some power to fight and and some goals to achieve. Today the life of a new player is to farm the map and do random summons hoping for better heroes! That doesn’t change the fact they don’t have ascension materials.
I believe the key of evolving on the game are the materials but we get them from random loot and rare quests. Developers won’t change that!
But take the immense gamma of players who besides not having items don’t have good heroes too! They feel demotivated and frustrated of spending and getting nothing (when you shouldn’t need to spend to have the minimal to take place on a game). That wouldn’t change the need for summons since they won’t have the best heroes and will want to increase their roster, but it would bring joy, fun and challenge to EVERY player, not only the strongest.

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I can get behind starting with a 5* and/or 4* but not an entire team of them. You need to start somewhere. If you start with a high powered team you never learn about the lower ones. Building teams is important in this game especially with AW. This would take away from that.


You didn’t get the idea.
No one would start with them! I clearly told that would be special quest available from level X (18? 20? 25? 30?) and it would NOT be so easy to win! You would have the same start as anyone, putting a team together, gathering mats, items and power enough to conclude every one of the five quests (one for each element). Only after all those they would have the 5 heroes, 1 at a time


I think that’s a great idea. It would definitely help to lesson the gap of F2P vs P2W

I still think there would be an abyss between them… but at least players from the F2P can enjoy themselves and have fun too… being able to get one 3 4 and 5* hero of each element should be trivial for the game convenience and attractiveness

I am of two minds on this one. I remember when I first started playing a little less than a year ago, Around Middish June of 2017. The fact was I still remember getting Bane and not really understanding the power curve between him and say 2* Layla. I am very leery of the fact that people may get their first five star, say Richard for sake of argument, see him get beat by someone else who has more experience than they do with any maxed three star hero and complain by either leaving the game or realizing that they don’t have the Ascension material to get him anywhere near the same status in terms of health, attack etc.

The fact is there are thousands of players who have gone through the same early game difficulty and the experience they gain from the climb in this early stage would be lost if people are given 5s too early. We can discuss potentially adding a second 3 as a starter, but 4* and 5* as starters should be out In My Opinion.

Sorry to be a wet blanket again. My take is that the pursuit of these rare heroes is the only lasting part of the game. I am 8 months in and am just now experiencing the thrill of ascending my 3rd 5* hero. If I had these heroes from the start, that feeling of progression would be seriously dampened IMO.

I feel like this falls into the category of requests for more free stuff. The balance of what you get from the game is a critical part of the game design. You get the bare minimum what SG feels like you need to play. If they gave you more you would both buy less and play a shorter amount.

That’s my 2 cents.

To easy. I have better idea… Developers could make special set of 5* heroes (can get only finishing the map, no other options). One time award, just 1 random 5* hero from map ending special heroes set. More fun, proper award for finishing the map and no big harm to developers.

We can go even further. There could be 5* and 4* heroes set. Random is deciding what you are getting. Could be complains but in same time fair game to everyone.

I do like the idea of a hero for beating the map.

The idea posted wasn’t to get the 5* heroes at the start of the game.

How about a special HOTM type hero that you can only get by finishing the map? I thought you would get something… like all energies refilled, gems, something. You get nothing. Or maybe five different special heroes like one from each element and you get to pick the one you want?

That would be unfair to those who already finished the map. The idea of special quests above level X is avaliable to all.

When they added a whole batch of missions regarding buildings, everyone who had already passed those milestones got the rewards handed to them at the same time. No reason why the addition of a reward for completing the map wouldn’t do the same thing.