Idea for bonus points for war

The bonus points for defeating an enemy should be cut in half every time a defense team is defeated, that way, you won’t be able to rack up points for constantly defeating the weakest alliance members.

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All the teams respawn at the same rate and points rewarded for defeating enemies are still proportionate to the health team points the team provides (so weaker teams are worth less anyway). Because of this I think the current point system for defeating the team’s weakest links are fair enough

I tend to agree with @Decorum. You can only kill a team 4 times I think. 4 if very diligent.


I agree with KAF, also Total Annihilation should be worth 500 team points!

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I came in here to make that specific suggestion. You beat me to it. Got busy reading. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

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Definitely a great idea, since we have a habit of doing it :slight_smile:

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It’s here. :slight_smile:

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I agree there could be a set of bonus points for a reset. Currently the bonus is respawn it all the teams, opening up all the weak teams again for harvest. With good planning, it is possible to take down those weaker teams six times, maybe seven during a war.

For the record, 7DF considers a “weaker” team to be one that doesn’t have Guinevere, maybe Delilah, at point, so it’s just shades of difficulty.

Interesting. I’m in a mid alliance. Our ranking hovers in 600-700, May have been near 500 once. We beat 8* titans consistently and occasionally 9*.

What I gather from your post @Kerridoc is maybe higher ranked alliances beat all 30 at a higher rate than a lower ranked alliance does.

I still think the bonus points works though. It’s a feat to do this, even for a higher alliance. You need to strategize your hits and coordinate who’s logged in.

Do people see a downfall?

I also think this could help encourage participation from alliance members. (Well, not as much as better loot would.) We still have alliance members who look at wars as an individual event and this could help demonstrate that all hits count and were a team!

My team is around 4100, and I rarely get attacked, the opponents always attack the members in the low 3000 range, we only lose because they constantly attack the weakest members, if bonus points decreased with each defeat, it would level the playing field.


Yeah its strategy. Kill off the weakest links early (using your less powerful heroes) so they respawn the quickest. Making sure to allow some of the weaker alliance members to kill the team after it respawns if they didnt have a chance the first go.

Then go after the tougher teams with your own tough heroes. Ideally teams around your power level or a couple hundred points lower.

Use your last flag to weaken a tough team, even if you only kill a couple you still get points for your team. (Or) if you don’t see yourself as capable of killing the tank, healers or snipers on a tough team: sit tight, chat with your alliance let a stronger player weaken a chosen tough team, then do “clean up” by killing the last ones standing.

Wait to get 3 more flags, check your points and decide the best strategy for a second half.

Wouldn’t suit us at all. We have lots of teams between 2800 and 3400.

When we are matched against enemies with 3700+ teams, why should we be forced to waste our flags on unwinnable fights?

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I Think the best idea Will be , if we Can reset the board we should get double for each team we take after resetting the team

My idea would be you get an extra 10 point per kill if you attack during the first hour a war starts/you get energy refill

that’s total nonsense

I also think that a reset should be worth some points.
According to an alliance is always worth 1500 points, so if an alliance is at max with 30 players then the average team is worth 50 points per kill, but if the alliance is 20 players then a kill is an average of 75 points.
With that in mind, I think a reset should be worth one average kill, typically 50 points for a 30 player alliance.
This would change up war strategies a lot and very strongly encourage resets as those extra points realllly add up.
There should be a trial war with no battle aids and encourage resets with bonus points :slight_smile:

Maybe throw in the mix a reset reward instead of arrows or field aid… it can just go in a rotation like the raid tournaments do with bloody battle and so forth. So flip reward could happen every 3rd or 4th war. It would change strategy for that particular war.


This symbol could be some kind of symbol similar to our red emblem reset token or something

Nah, that would reward the teams that have members in the same time zone that could coordinate and would make saving your attacks until you have all 6 flags the norm. It would also make the “rich” “richer” and widen the score gaps.

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