Idea for attacking titans

If the Titan is stunned when the time runs out you should be able to use your specials.

Welcome! I don’t think lowering the time is the solution and could cause more problems in alliances,
As now you got more hits on the titan probably double than normal! I usually hit the titan 5 times sometimes 4 my alliance is cool with that!

With say the lower time If one gets away im at the bottom of the list and only hit say it 6-7 times asking why I only hit it a few times as I don’t have my phone in my hand 24/7, at work i can’t have my phone on me i work in a bakery and sometimes I’m so busy I don’t stop for 6-8 hours a day! I can’t just stop run to me locker hit the titan every couple of hours! I’m Sure other people may have different issues stuck in a meeting for hours or they don’t play the game on there phone but on a pc.

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