Idea for alliance

An alliance kingdom where we can spend a new king of money that u get for attacking titan and winning raid … like for upgrading the alliance power like troop do but for all member of the alliance lile all green hero get 1%more hp, attack or defence… it would make it more apealing for every one to fight the titan regularly and to stay active in your alliance…

Forgive me, I didn’t quite understand your post. :worried:

I think he meant upgrading some kind of “Alliance Level” using “Alliance Points”.
Your alliance gets “Alliance Points” when members attack the titan.
Each time your alliance Level Up your heroes get stats boost (HP/ATK/DEF).

I like that idea. But not only levelling up by attacking titan. Maybe include some sacrifice/donate heroes to get more “Alliance Points”.
And I think stats boots (if applied) should be restricted to titan hits.

How would that work? If you sacrifice heroes, usually you are getting the benefit from it. Are you suggesting an additional benefit to your alliance?

(Considering how many heroes I sacrifice daily, it would have to be a tiny benefit!) :grin: