Idea for alliance wars

I have this idea that I think other people may like as well so anyone who would like to see this pls feel free to comment as well.

I think that the alliance wars victories and losses should be added to the players profile so that we can keep a record of how many wars we have been apart of and how many of those have been victories. I know I would sure like to know because sooner or later I’m going to lose count.

I just thought that we have the titan kills listed and our strongest hits on the titan so perhaps some members would be like minded to me and would appreciate knowing how many alliance wars they have won and lost.
Thank you so much for reading this guys.


We’ve been collecting screenshots and adding to an album in LINE.

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You see that’s why I believe that it should be added to the players profile. We also keep a record of what we do but obviously if a member leaves then he won’t have the same results from then on so if it was on the profile then even the mercs would have a copy of the alliance wars victories.
Thank you for your response. I appreciate it.

I’m sure it will be added at some point. Definitely good idea

Agreed, player profile should track a lot of things that have been added to the game recently. Wars, events, etc.

I’d rather war record be kept on alliance info as it is a team event


They could do both.


Yes but wouldn’t like to know say in 6 months time how many wars you have been in. Also when you change alliances that have a different record to you, you can still know how many wars, wins and Victories.
Just an idea.

Where does it tell you on the alliance how many wars you have taken part.

It doesn’t at this point

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