Idea for accumulated materials

Hi all.

I just had a thought come into my little head, lol, based on seeing a lot of topics on materials and loot being accumulated essentially when you get a point where there not need anymore or at least a lot less.

Why couldn’t there be an option to say swap for example 20 or 30 of one item for a better more needed item based on either levels or heros you have.

I’m sure would ease players minds and do away with accumulated items.

Just a thought

This was suggested already but I was not able to find a Topic with votes already. Seems not very popular :astonished:

Don’t understand why not as it help those who have too many items they don’t need swapped for items they need. Gotta be better that having the materials keep accumulating for no reason.

Anyway cheers

Items you THINK you have too many of can later turn out to be incredibly valuable. Everything has a use. All those rugged clothes? They get used in TC19. Etc.

That said, there are objects that do accumulate endlessly. What to do with them has been discussed as part of trading. Long thread there.

That’s what I’m about. Even the devs should be able to use thier own common sense and make this happen, not doing it is just plainly rediculously wrong.

Wake up devs!

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