Idea for a storage box system / Titans / alliances

For alliances: There could be a box specific for attacks on Titans. And every member of the alliance could put battle items in there for every other member to use. So that when only a few are online but the Titan is going to flee, the ones online grab the mana potions etc. and have a better chance to kill hte Titan in time.

I agree, as well as trading or helping members with rss. We should be able to store more rss as well. Need food and iron for everything!! Hello all. I do have a suggestion. It would be great if we could private mail one another in game. Emoji usage would be pretty neat as well. There’s also one concern that I have, why is the tomb of tactics so difficult to come across, even in purchases. I play in everything and it’s seemingly the most rare item thst one can receive within the game. All ascension items seem to be very hard to get. I have sooo many 5* heroes that need tomb of tactics to enable me to fully ascend them. And the others will take forever, because there are multiples of each element of hero. They all need the same items in order to ascend. The packs should include multiples of the ascension items, as well. I purchase quite a few packs, and very seldom get items that I truly need. Please add multiple ascension items per pack, especially the $99.00 pack. There should be 5 tomb of tactics, 5 tonics, 5 rings, etc. I truly hope you all will consider these things and loosen things up a little. Many thanks in advance.:blush: With great hopes that there are some changes of sorts soon. :wink:

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