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Hello Guys, I would like to share an idea that I’d yesterday.
Its about a new Building, we can call it “the Market”, that will works like a place to trade goods between the player and “the Market”. In my idea, will be work like a simple trade, but the market always “win” with the transactions. An example: Market price for a 1 x Raw Iron is 3 x Herbs (or the opposite, market always have the biggest price), or 1 x Travel Bag for 3 x Wooden Sword.
Once the market is upgraded the possibilities are increased, and the items with more stars appear to trade. It could have some trades like : Itens vs. Food, Itens vs. Iron, Itens vs. Gems, or even more.
Well, I hope that is a good idea for you guys.
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Loko da Kombi


This is a good idea, I have 1k common herbs, I’d give em all for potent leaves or crypt mushrooms and make a balance in my loot ingredients.

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Is it possible in the future? for more active communication in the clan, for example one of the forges to make a building where you can buy or exchange a warrior or an object and so that it would become a clan market? even if the commission is to be removed it will be a good help for beginners)))


You might want to read the Shortlist that the Devs prepared a few months back. It touches on the topic of whether a market of some kind is being considered.

the global market seems to me to be a dump, and inside the clan is mostly for communication and to support newcomers

According to Shortlist, the Trade Market idea has been mostly ruled out. Trading between players is being considered but isn’t being worked on right now.

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First, switching between barracks and buildings is pure dumb… Whoever invented that, I mean WTH, seriously… At least that doesn’t make any sense, like creating barracks out of farm or mine… And, it’s painful… Did I say that doesn’t make any sense at all??? :no_mouth:
Second, why there’s no trading between food, iron and other stuff (heroes, ingredients etc.)??? Something like the public market… I know that’d cut the profit for the Maker, but would also make the game more interesting and playable… And the Maker is already making billions of dollars, literally… On other hand, players with deeper pockets are killing poorer ones… :moneybag:
Just my 2 cents on gameplay…

Many people suggested a market building/house to exchange item each other but I thought another way.
On this market, gamers will sell item for X quantity of gems. Every item will be categorized according to its rarity and utility. Each category will have mininum price to sell but won’t have maximum price. For example:

  • Battle Item I, II, III and IV.
  • Ingredient Item I, II, III and IV
  • Ascension Item A (only reachable by opening chest or event) III and IV.
  • Ascension Item B I, II and III.
  • Emblems, energy flask III and IV even tokens will have independent category.

If game determinate “Ascension Item A IV” minimum price for 500 gems, I can sell “Tonic” on this market for 500 or higher.

PD: The idea for mininum price is to protect “the rarity” of each category.
I created this to another new Idea because my “market system” is different. It isn’t trade system. Is sell/buy system using gems as “money”

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Linking this related idea as well, which proposes allowing selling items “back to the game” for gems:

I wouldn’t do that by using gems, gems == $$$, therefore with $$$ you’d be able to get anything that you want… Even now in the game, $$$ don’t guarantee you that you’re gonna get what you want, there’s a factor of luck as well…
The market should be kinda, I’m selling whatever for whatever (gems might be in as well, but that’s gonna ruin everything) or I’m buying whatever for whatever… Depends on what you’re asking for or giving for whatever, you might sell it or buy it… That’s all… The game shouldn’t interfere with the market at all… Just my 2 cents on this idea…

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you are right…
I though about the inconvenience using real money to buy more gems, but if suggestion to exchange item between players hasn’t advantage for SGG they probably won’t make it realizable. So we need to create advantage to both side. Something interesting to us as players and to them as producer making more profitable.

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TBH, I doubt that they’re even thinking about that, if there isn’t $$$ for them in that, they won’t do it…
And if they do it for gems only, that’s even worse, coz they’d eliminate the factor of luck and $$$ would make you get anything and that’d ruin the game completely…

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Y have some ydeeeas to improve the game.
Its called… Marchet place were u can trade resurces (not cheap), resurse to crafting materiala, or Blackmatchet 4 trading artefact…
Sry bad english

I think that would be cool and call it the trading post

Put a shop in once a certain level has been reached. Buy, trade, and sell crafting and ascension items.

This has been suggested many, many times. There is something going on in Beta that will address some of what you are asking about: 🧪 The Beta Beat (v23) – Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta: Stronghold 22/23 & Alchemy Lab

Can probably merge this @zephyr1 ?

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Merged (to a similar idea thread), thanks! :heart_decoration:

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