Idea for a character

I just had a thought for a character, not sure what you might think about it, or if it’s something you may have already thought of. Maybe it’s not possible…but…
What about a Wild Card
A character that would change colors. Now pick your preference on when or how this character changes color but the idea kinda ran through my head and i thought, ya know, that kinda fits the unpredictable nature of this game, never know for sure what your gonna get.
It could change color after each hit…it could change colors after each battle… whatever your preference might be.
Have the character be a jester or like Harlequin as the character itself, or heck make one of each (male and female) I don’t know, it sounded fun, and I thought I’d share
Tamara (Lady Stormrider)

I’m curious, same special for every color or that it change everytime?

Maybe even random?

It could go either way, I personally like the random part, hence the ‘wild card’ effect but understanding how much the devs have to deal with I was leaving a lot up to them. This character would take a lot of ‘programing’ to get it to work and that mean reconfiguring some aspects of the game, I assume. So depending on what all the had to do, I figured I’d leave most the details to them. But if they want I’d be happy to give a whole detailed list of how I see it.

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