Idea factory for new buildings


I wanted to start the conversation of new required buildings.

I think there is a need for These buildings:

  1. ham factory. (Increases the ham fabrication by 20%, at lvl20)

  2. same like 1. just for iron

  3. Material production for nuggets bones and others which are rar

  4. marktplace for traiding items

  5. monument/sculpture which increases the chance for any drops. Like 10% more chance for 10 days for 100 gems or something.

Ready for discussion / improofement and hopefully SG will maybee implement one of the ideas worked out here. :grinning:


Another merging post,lol

Why don’t people search before posting.


Well this will make SG’s funds less cause if so people will no longer need to buy fill up food/iron! It wont happen.

This been posted before in other running thread. And community liked it but your thread will be moved cause of it.

Well this is a global request, but just forget about it. Petri said it will never happen.

Seriously? 10% … I don’t see this coming, the low drop rate is balancing the game from being 1month maxed … it supposed to be slow progress, drop rate of farmble items is good as it is now, rare items and unfarmble are droping on events that F2P can wait and gather from and there are offers in shops for P2P/P2W to pay and buy a faster progress. Now your Idea will make SG lose money. They will not buy this from you.
Have a great day.


It is not currently possible to trade items between players in Empires & Puzzles. That being said we are always looking for ways to improve the game and future updates may include new features related to trading in some form.
From empires and puzzles web.


Hmm… I’m no programmer, so I can’t speak to the undertaking this might be… what about a blacksmith who can create armor for your heroes… even if just decorative (colors, alliance name/logo) to customize your bench and make your Grimm look different from someone else’s Grimm?
Helmets, gauntlets, chest plates etc. This would surely garner some additional game revenue?


Ability to customize heroes (skins). We’re working with a feature that would bring alternate looks for some of the heroes. We’ll be posting a poll shortly where you can vote which Hero you would like to see with a new look first

From petri in the thread “shortlist of feature requests,” stickies at the top of this forum


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Forgot i could do that. Thanks!


I think that you need a building as a training camp, only for troops 1-2 * by color, there are very few troops for the barracks


Only a thought here but I would say your not farming enough as I get heaps of troops , more than I can level up at once as they use up food like there is no tomorrow.



All my buildings are level 20. I have food longer than I can spend


You would like this idea then.


It takes forever to level up 4* troops, more because of lack of feeder troops than lack of food. You’ll find yourself drowning in food when your farms and stronghold are high enough.


I am sure it will.

Takes forever to do anything on here, lol.


Speaking on behalf of myself and a few of my fellow OCD alliance members… currently you get 9 farms and 5 storage buildings for iron, yet there is no evenly spaced, aesthetically pleasing area to contain them?!?




My buildings are all l20 and i farm all flags before they overfill. And I do not spend any mony to fill up my food or iron, never. But i run out of food. Dayly!
Farming spot is 8.7 as usual.
Putting all the rekruts into TC 20 cost a lot of food. In papallel, I lvl one 5hero to max. If I do both the same time there is no posibility tofeed any troops. To my 4 they need 77k per troop.
I do not know wat you guys (and girls) are doing but my food is always empty and troops are to rar!

So if you could tell me werd your farming spot is to get massive troops which you can not feed. Please tell me.


I can only 8/7, twice a day filling chest 2 twice a day as well.
Doing this gives me on average 180 to 200 recruits a day, fill all my crafting needs by the hundreds with in total over 1000 crafted items ATM and still crafting, my tc11 has 4000 recruits in it stored away for a rainy day and still climbing, I level a hero to max within 8 to 10 days with 2 tc’s that run 24/7 and one constantly being upgraded till it reaches tc20 which in actually only a few days away. I get roughly about 40 trained heros a day for leveling.

I only feed troops when my food is full which after I have completed all other feeds and resources happens at least once a day and I even loss a lot of food because I keep playing whilst it’s full as. My food levels are only at 15 all 6 of them, plus I do all guest and get a lot from raids as well. My iron is the same thing. I have only been playing for just under 4 months now.

Hope you can get tips out of all that.



No it doesn‘t.
I fill my chest 3-times a day and collect more than 400 rekruts and pushing them into my TC20 which cost 275k/100 which is a mio a day.
If the TC 20 get not feede, I push it into the TC19 for speed lvl which is similar costly.
Feeding my hero is costly as well 9k per hero and you get a couple of dem a day.

My troops are waiting to get trained since month…


You can’t Say that when I am telling you I do it.

I also at time get much more recruits on days I am not working or have other things to do but hey I do have a life as well. Getting 400 plus recruits a day is easy.

It also seems your a far higher level than myself which means you probably get more energy flags per day than me when they fill up.

But telling me I am wrong with what I said is just talking out of line as you don’t know me or how I operate.

No you don’t!

How is that when a chest takes 12hrs to reload each time.

NOTE! I only just now upgraded my troop barracks because my iron was full and crafting going crazy with around 250 items waiting in line so had to use it up for something so TB goes up 1 level today.
Tomorrow tc20 starts upgrading.
My food is full and I am currently wasting it because I have maxed out all resources to far as this game will let me.

Might want look at your game priorities if your running out of food/stuff.