Idea: could items cost food as well as iron (or instead of)?

I see that almost everything costs iron to upgrade. Is there by any chance we could change a few things to cost food. I have a ton of food and only thing to really spend it on is upgrading troops and hero’s. Could you make all the iron stuff cost food to upgrade like you have all the food stuff cost iron? That would be alot easier and we could go back and forth with both. Thank you for taking time to read this.

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My experience is the reverse—food is always in short supply. The outpost and mines are upgraded with food, but food is also needed for research at the forge and training camps. You have all your training camps running non-stop?


No because most of the time I don’t have the back packs or practice swords to train the recruits. When I do get them I use them right away and don’t have anything to do but twiddle my thumbs till I get more. Can you see my dilemma there? Some places I get 4 packs and 1 sword and I use them up quick. By then I collect food again from 2 of 6 or 7 farms and can’t get anymore till I do it again.

I have had same problems at you, but im trying to grind off all my recuits and swords and backpacks now. Im still cap at food and farms is full to. So I could be nice to have an options like that, or we just need to start upgrade troops.

During the early game iron is short.

During the middle and late game food is the only resource worth discussing as it’s nearly impossible to run out of iron given the building times… whereas troops, heroes, all research, et ad naseum take food… and lots of it.

This compared to SH19 upgrade (6 days) where I was capped on iron again less than 2 days into it.


I am now short on both, making stuff in the forge is really expensive on iron and higher level training and upgrading 5*s is really expensive on food. I am upgrading all my farms to 20 and doing some mines in between (those are lower lvl though, around 12-15). Upgraded all important things already (2 tc on 20, 1 on 11, 1 on 13. 1 forge on 20), so food is my priority, then iron and baracks. I need food before I have to upgrade those, working on some heroes now.

For early game, upgrade your training camps to lvl4, that is slow, but needs no materials, you can cue up your recruits there.

Don’t touch my steak! è.é

Seriously, you need iron only in the beginning to upgrade and in the end of the game to farm nado/timestop.

90% of the game you are sick of metal.

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Build your TCs to level 4, Low Cost, which allows you to train without backpacks or swords.


and extra low cost at lvl 11 is great because it reduces training time by an hour, and uses less recruits. :slight_smile:

Right now I have maxed my farm output, and my tower is pretty high. I’m still crying for food when I level troops or the final bit on a 5*! :joy:


I am drowning in food. Need season 2 , badly. My own fault though, leveled farms, mines, and storage buildings to 20 and let most everything else wait. If you are a new player i strongly suggest you level everything before you take your stronghold to the next level.

Hmm, I take a different strategy—level farms with stronghold up to about 14, but be selective about other upgrades. Iron can lag, build storage only to do specific builds/research. Only one forge needs to rise with SH, the other get to 5 to flip into a Barracks. TCs have specific cutpoints. I get them to 4, then leave them there until I can get to 11, then bring one to 13, then to 20.


I have plenty of food left over and I have iron and I have the 2 half-full collection missions :joy::joy::joy:

First, switching between barracks and building is pure dumb… Whoever invented that, I mean WTH, seriously…
Second, why there’s no trading between food, iron and other stuff (heroes, ingredients etc.)??? Something like the public market… I know that’d cut the profit for the Marker, but would also make the game more interesting and playable… And the Maker is already making billions of dollars, literally… On other hand, players with deeper pockets are killing poorer ones…
Just my 2 cents on gameplay…

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