[IDEA] Coin Market

Some people are upset that they cannot trade their dupe heroes.
Many other people (including me) are against trading - this feature can destroy balance and make already rich players richer and poor poorer. But I was thinking about another idea.

Coin Market

How did would work? So, once in month (for example last day of month) players will be able to trade their 3*, 4* and 5* heroes for in-game summon coins. Atlantis, Valhalla, Event, Tavern? Choose yourself. Prices will be set in advance, of course more rare hero - more coins (HOTMs and Myztero will be the most expensive).


  • Trading
  • More summons
  • Ability to use dupe HOTMs without destroying them
  • Won’t destroy game economy (traded heroes will disappear, prices will be set by SG)


  • You can pull 3* hero from tokens from you dupe Telluria :wink:
  • More gambling

Sounds like lvl 11 of hero academy

Will SG add more levels to the academy/lab/other advanced building or will they forever stay at 10? Cause that as lvl 11 HA sounds very interesting…

SG will lose money this way.

Yes, poor Zynga! They only had skyrocket income in Q1, why would they think about their players? It’s all business, our needs can go to h€ll!

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I understand your frustration but it’s not in SG interest to create something that dramatically reduces their income. They’re owned by Zynga, a company that’s on the stock market. They have to continue making money to make investors happy.

Buy Zynga stocks and get gems from your share earnings. :wink: