Idea: arena for testing team synergy

With Alliance Wars and the new weekly raid challenges, I would like a place to try out new team configurations without losing trophies or letting my alliance down in war. So, what if we had a new building where we could test teams out in a simulated raid/war against a randomly generated team? I know it would have its use limited in some way (energy / uses per day / watch an ad) to fit in with the game style, but I think it would be a welcome addition.

Thoughts on this?

I have a similar idea… something like sparring arena between you and your alliance mates for trying new strategies and setups both offence and defence. And ofc for the fun part too :wink:


I have 2 votes left, we need some fun like this.

I think the popular idea of sparring within an alliance would be better and easier to implement. What does a random team look like? How will I be able to test things? Easier just to coordinate with an ally.


I’d rather raid against my own defense team

Raiding against random teams is well…raiding with the limited energy you already mentioned


I would hope that this sparring would lead to true pvp raiding instead of the current automatic defense.

Any idea if this is a possibility, I think it would create extra excitement of real time battle.

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