Idea about how to correct unfair hero buys


As I’m sure everyone is aware, there is a lot of issues surrounding the way that we are forced to gamble on getting a 5 star hero and ending up with duplicate hero’s. There is a way that the creators could modify this game to cure this problem for everyone.
We understand that it’s a gamble on getting a 5 star hero but at the same time we don’t want 2 or more of the same hero so to help make sure that this doesn’t happen they should include the option of 1 free re roll for each purchase. That way if we get a duplicate we can go again free of charge but then you must accept what comes next or offer a second re roll for say 50 or 100 gems. This would help us from not getting duplicates unless they pass on the first and then the new option is a duplicate. Again that’s the risk they take by refusing the first offer.