Idea about additional game mechanics

This is intended to be a sort of brainstorm and constructive “what if”-thread and not a whine thread about previous changes.
And try to leave the “this will be hard to implement” and “there are already so many bugs”- comments out of it. Think big and free :slight_smile:

So I’m an avid reader of the E&P forums and after each update there is always a lot of criticism about hero and ability changes.
Most of it is “Stop nerfing my heros! You’re ruining the game!”, but this time the “You’re taking the strategy out of the game with these nerfs!” poppped up.

While the Athena/“other armor debuffer” combo was fun while it lasted (it was clearly a bug bound to be fixed), the use of Brienne (a 3* hero) was a pretty interesting strategic choice.

This got me thinking about how more “strategy and tactics” could be incorporated into the game, to make team selection a bit more fun.

So an idea I had was to introduce some sort of buff or effect from the use of the current hero powers in combination.
For example:

  • If you trigger two heals right after each other, this could result in a “Heal over time” for your entire team.
  • If you trigger two attack power reduction on top of each other, you could get an armor boost for your entire team.

This could be expanded to include a lot of different kind of buffs. Like damage absorption, taunt from titan, damage over time on titan, mana regeneration reduction and much more.

This could introduce a new aspect of the game, promote the use of different heros not normally used for titans and introduce consumable-like effects for raids.

What do you guys think?


I think it is a great idea fledoble. This would add mechanics, i.e give us more tools to our disposal when choosing strategy and setup. I can’t really see anything wrong with it.

Going into details I’m unsure if I think the effect should be attainable by using a double set of same hero or only when using seperate heroes with same effect in their special.

Another idea that I think also adds to strategy (unsure I you want only brainstorming about the specific idea you’ve proposed or if you want other ideas with similar purpose): add a second skill to heroes that has to to with manipulating the board. For instance azlar could instead of special release all red tiles. Maybe lianna could swap tiles from any place of the board. Isarnia could do the “tornado” thing and so on. In most cases the regular special would be the better choice but in certain situations it could add to deeper strategy and also make the “switching tiles” part a bit more fun.


The manipulation idea is really cool! Defiantly worth exploring!

Feel free to post and discuss any ideas :slight_smile:

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I really like the thoughts you guys have listed.

There are several heroes who place DOTS on heroes, but having more HOTS would be useful.

Having players like Gormek having a second special to where he grabs “aggro” from the opposing team/titan would be awesome. It really sucks when you get a special ready, just to have every player on the opposing team to attack and kill your hero before you can get to the special. Popping aggro and then throwing a HOT on a hero would draw attention toward your tank and allow them to keep gaining health.

I could see an issue with trying to handle dual specials during game play, so possibly you should have to pick what special you would use on a specific team. For example, I have Athena and Gormek. If Gormek had an aggro pull special, I’d use that and use Athena’s defense debuff. In that way, I would/could have more options as to how to organize/play my team and reduce duplicates.

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I would go another way. I want the game to stop being so boringly same by involving the board more.

In every other match3 game, you get new obstacles as you progress. In this game, you get just more of the same (quests, titans, duels…) every addition is just a new iteration of old. The only difference are seasonal events.

I want bosses and special enemies (with mana) to affect the board, either with their normal attack or special attack:

  • destroy all special shields on board
  • destroy a line of shields on the board (if any special would be activated this way, it wouldn’t hurt the boss or give mana to you)
  • freeze 4 random shields
  • throw a timer bomb (if destroyed in time, adds life, otherwise takes life, like in seasonal events)
  • throw 1 poison on the board. All heroes of the color of the infected shield get a small amount of damage every turn until the shield is destroyed, destroying the poison gives a small amount of damage to all heroes

None of the new additions to the game brings anything new to the game. This could change that and make the game more interesting for all the players who play too long

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I would really like a balanced way so the starting board doesn’t decide the winner…
Heroes that have a secondary skill that increase shield rate on the board troughout the fight. This works for the attacking team and defending team. And titans can have them.

This mean the appearance rate of all shield are decided by all heroes used in the raid (att and def)

That could be interesting strategy wise.

My second best hero is Tibertus and my best is Grimm. They both have Ramming Pulvariser, a damage dealing defense debuff. It would be cool if there was some sort of special kind of effect since I use them both anyway.

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