Idea: Ability to watch war fights in progress [MASTER]

It would be nice when we can look at a alliance war battle on my team members…

I hope to add the function of watching the war in the game. When the enemy attacks you in the war, you and your teammates can watch how the enemy controls and defeats your team. For example, a 4300 player defeated our 4600 team. This makes us very unhappy, a player of such a low level can actually wipe out our six team 4600 in one go! The system can only show that our team is defeated, but we want to know how he defeated us. This is why I want to increase the spectator mode.

We had a war today that we won that went into overtime…how much fun would that have been to watch. It’s way past due, should be easy and would add a ton of alliance fun, the reason most of us are here.

The animation and combo screens occur after the final result is calculated, press and hold on a targeted enemy right after you fire special skills or match tiles, the stats displayed are the final stats at the end of the turn even if the animations/sounds are still playing.

(Combos are not calculated on the fly, and almost everything in between user input and turn end is client side)

Hi guys!

How about putting the option of viewing the battles/board that are made from our co-fighters.
Many of us are using Voice chats etc…to help its other. This would be a great addition having the ability to “see” a colleague when he or she is fighting.
Thank you in advance

This along with the ability to practice with other alliance members is a fantastic idea.

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Good idea.
This is already suggested by others:

Can we promote this thread somehow to get more votes? I’d like this feature a lot and I don’t think anyone wouldn’t welcome it. SG could add it to VIP pass, I wouldn’t even mind if they raised the cost like 25% (Can’t speak for others though on that matter.)

My idea is that in wars there is a button to see the battles of our allies.

Do you like?

We all request it , SG just dont wish ti implement it. They JUST have to record player moves +random results, in db not actual video. Code will do rest of job.

It could be done just like in poker hand viewer, very easy to implement and not resource heavy

Hi guys, I think it should be nice, if it’d be possible, after the war send a message to opposing team, having a dedicated box to write in

Having this can make wars more interesting

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