Idea: Ability to watch war fights in progress [MASTER]

This option would allow you to view the battle of any member of your alliance against an opponent in the war.
Think of it this way:
The war will go beyond its attacks, allowing alliance members to see formations and patterns of attack.
Alliance members being able to follow the battles will be able to better adjust their teams and increase competitiveness.
And thinking a little bigger, what if you could see the battles of the best alliances and the best players? That would also be a fantastic option.
This option would give many players the chance to develop beyond the great fun of rooting for their allies in a war battle.
Just as it would be cool to see famous players like ZERO in war battles.

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Totally agree…A lot of big games (ie Clash) have had this ‘spectator mode’ for war as well as any battle for a long time. hope SG seriously considers adding this, even if there is an ‘opt-in’ selection.

Great idea, which means it will never happen.

Yeah, SG has made me cynical.

Yes, that is an idea that I share.
Imagine if we could accompany our allies in the war by watching their battles.
Now the coolest thing would be to be able to see the battles of great players and great alliances.
We would see alliances posting battle schedules on the internet and even the opponent.
This would help in the development of strategies and formation of teams, which would only help in the competitiveness of the game.
I am super adept and this idea.

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they should have a mode for us to watch the battles when being attacked during alliance war by opposing team to make it more interesting sort of like spectating to see our weaknesses or strength s

I second this suggestion.

In a similar manner I would be glad to be able to see replays of my raid defense team after being attacked.

Great idea! I’ve often thought the same, especially since you can see when someone is attacking, why not be able to watch the fight!

I’m surprised they have not implemented such a system yet. Watching live war battles and replays of your defense team being attacked. It adds a nice social activity to the alliances, and it helps you optimize your defense, and spot flaws. Come on S&G!

We NEED that function! It would make the game so much better and help players to have more fun, thus stick around longer!

This feature requires additional server capacity and some effort for implementation. On the other hand, this is not a feature that can easily be monetized, unless they’ll require us to buy a “TV set” to be able to watch those videos. :sunglasses:

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I am sure this has been brought up before but why in the world will they not allow us to watch the war attacks either in real time or at least as a replay? This would make the wars so much more fun and interesting which seems like it would make good business sense to have people more engaged. this feature has worked extremely well in other games like clash of clans.

Give as chat with oponent and video how thay attak our defens tim

Perhaps you might want to add your vote to this thread?


Merged, thanks! :heart_decoration:

I would like to watch my friends’s battles and we will benefit from watching by adjusting the way they play

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i think ill be nice for alliance members to see the PvsP fight on wars in other word allow me to see the fight of my teammate against the other alliance teammate just saying ill be nice to see the action live :hugs:

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Indeed that would be great, but it has been suggested multiple times already.

See master thread here:

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good afternoon, it would be great if the game allows you to see the war attacks in real time or recorded

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I’m all for those suggestions above but what may be easier for the developers to do would be to enhance the battlefield view.
The enhanced view would show simply the five Hero logos with the colored bars for hit points and mana for each side (offense and defense). Dead heroes are grayed out. This would be acceptable to me. And hopefully easier, practical, and actually something that gets implemented.

Would be even good if we can get battle report in form of basic information just to see where we stand with defense.

It would be great, and even instructive to some extent, to have the ability to watch the heroes in action during a battle in Alliance Wars.

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