Idea: Ability to watch war fights in progress [MASTER]

Tidying things up and combining threads. This thread is for the discussion of being able to view a teammate’s battle either in progress, or after it happens. Please contintinue to add your thoughts to the discussion!

Also, a quick reminder to do a brief search to see if your idea is already posted. It is more effective to have a single discussion about a topic, and to vote on a single thread instead of many. (There were 20 votes for this idea that got split over multiple threads)

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Yes, this idea was mentioned multiple times. I did that also.

It can be a recording or a live streaming. Perhaps a recording that can be viewed later is easier and more helpful. Team can review battles and do some analyzes. On the other hand, life streaming doesn’t require large server side storage.


I was pondering on this. Some technical thoughts.

A battle is a step-by-step process. A log of a battle should be not more than a chess game script: Initial information includes Heroes and troops stats for both parties (10 heroes and 10 troops) and initial board (35 integers). For a full log of a step we need a list of matched and generated tiles and damage they inflicted. Overall it shouldn’t exceed 50K Byte of information per turn.

Raid is not very fast running process, so sending this amount of data asynchronously after each turn should not be a big deal. Transfer can be synchronized at the end of a raid, when the raid results are sent to server.

Higher volume of data can be for sending combos, but for the sake of saving bandwidth all combos could be reduced to sending just a final state of a board. I’m not sure this will save a lot of traffic, though.

From a server it can be broadcast to subscribers, if any of them connected to view the battle.


I’m not sure if someone else suggested this yet, I couldn’t find it but…

It was be awesome if members of an alliance could actually see the attacks as they’re taking place in the same way that the attacking player sees them.

Whenever another player makes an attack we just see that there is a battle. Everyone has to wait until the battle is over to see the end result. Wars would be so much more exciting if we could actually see the live battle taking place. Replays could also be a good idea, also when defending against raids.

This could also help players to learn different strategies, see where their defenses fail, and make it more like a live sporting event.




I think Wars could be more interesting if you could view war attacks. It could be a learning tool to improve attacks. Also give players something to do while looking at the battlefield when you’re waiting on new attacks. All you can see is someone being attacked and just wondering what is going on. Just an idea…

I think that this idea will bring more transfer, what, I suppose, isn’t good solution. I like this game because I have limited Internet monthly and E&P really takes very samll amount of transfer. This idea will definitely grow up a transfer… :frowning:

It would be great to see the fight we were the victim to see how our defense was shot in order to improve it.
And it wiuld be great to see teammate fight mostly when there is suspens in the war!

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How hard would it be to add a ‘spectator mode’ in the alliance war so players could observe their fellow alliance members attacks, and especially the opponents attacking their own defence teams.

Another deeper level to this would be, to be able to ‘playback’ the attacks. players would learn a lot from their fellow members and their opponents.



It would be pretty neat to watch other players. Maybe we could even watch alliancemates raiding live.

For the technical implementation, it all depends on how the devs currently run raids. If it’s completely run on the server, it should be easy to implement. If some or all is handled by the client, then they will probably need to move that, which can take some time and resources on the devs. But live, sure, it’s probably feasible.

But saving battles would probably require the devs to establish a whole new database. That’s a lot of information to store compared to what they already store for profiles. Alternatively, they could store those replay files on the client… It wouldn’t work if you played on multiple devices or cleared your app data, but it might make more sense for a small company to do this. Possible, but would have to be carefully thought out by devs.

here is a topic for discussing this idea:

@Rook @Kerridoc could you, please, handle this thread as a duplicate?

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Hi, I’d like to have a spectator Opportunity to see in real-time how a fight is fought within the AW. Watching my own Team as well as the ones of my Alliance Members. Just like peeking over the shoulder of my Alliance Member, or watching my own hero’s how they defend.

What do you think, is this possible?
People of the small giant Team, could you do this?

Greetings from Germany


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I’m sure this is not the case with all alliances, but ours is open to players with 4K teams all the way down to the low1k range and we frequently talk back and forth about strategy and the like. This got me thinking, it would be nice if we could watch replays of a titan hit or war hit to see what team structure was used and how it worked out for any level, but especially for those participating in their first few wars or titan battle.

I’m not sure how feasible this is, but it would be fun.

I think it would be amazing to at the least be able to watch the replay of war attacks made against our team. I don’t know how well this would be received or if it would be something used often.

I wouldn’t show the opponents board moves or tiles at all but maybe show all heroes health and mana? I’m curious to know say how does my Gormek tank hold up compared to Wilbur. Think it would be sweet.

I’m always interested to see what my fellow members play like in Wars, it would be a good way to help others and to see what move they make and where they are going right and wrong.

Okay, so I go to U tube and watch real time battles frequently so this concept is not so much impossible. Personally, I would like to have the see/no see option, but it should probably be live stream only. I really see no need to watch myself get slaughtered repeatedly by the same opponents. However, it might be sweet if I were to beat anchor or avicicious. Is anchor still playing even?

I came on the forum for this exact reason. I want to be able to see war battles as they are happening. It would add more interest and keep people on beyond when they are done with their flags.

----> He have a good idea like yours <----

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Would be cool if we were able to watch our alliance members live as they battle during War.

We’re already watching from the sidelines, let us have the option to watch the actual match!

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