ID82BU is looking to fill last few spots (26/30)

Are you looking for a team to learn and grow with, then ID82BU is for you. We are an even mix of real life friends and people recruited online, and looking for fill up a couple more spots.

We are mostly C2P players (couple F2P), so if you are one of them you will feel right at home. We request that people use all their flags for war attacks (and try to use them smartly), also if you are going to be away for an extended period of time please let us know in game or in discord.

We offer:

  • A stable alliance that has been going for a couple years.

  • Very active Discord with all the information you could need to help improve your gaming experience.

  • Advice from players - both current and former alliance members.

  • A solid war strategy and frequent board resets near the end so weaker members can pick off weaker targets.

  • Currently killing 9 star titans (have killed 10 but keeping to 9 until we fill last few spots.

We have a Discord chat group for our alliance for sharing screenshots, war/titan hits, war strategy, and lots of help and advice in general.

Send me a friend request in Discord if you would like to chat with us first:

Discord IDs


Bumping thread, still looking for members.

Bumping thread, still looking to find members, starting to kill 10* titans on occasion but sticking mostly with 9 until we fill the last few spots.

Bumping thread, still looking to find members.

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