ID with 2 diff. profiles - can not change

I have started on my mobile phone with one profile, just logged in with facebook. 3 weeks later I started the game on my tablet with a new profile, saved with google play account.

Now I want to save my first profile on the mobile phone to the google play account but it doesn’t work. I always have the second profile (who is level 1) on my tablet and I can not change it and also can not delete it.

I just want to delete the second profile (Burkhard19061960) and want to save the first profile to my google account. How can I fix this problem or who can help me?

Account #ELRN1 - that I want to keep
Account #96RX1 - I want to delete


@Petri can you help please?

Can you set up a second user from within Google Play? Then log out of google play on your phone, and log in as the new user? I just don’t know if it will pull up your first profile if the google play account is no longer controlling what comes up…

You might find more info online if you’re good with google searches. :slight_smile:

Small Giant has been awesome for helping players out with issues, but you likely won’t have any response until after the weekend.

Definitely send an email to Get the right people helping you out quicker!