I'd LOVE y'alls opinions

:upside_down_face: Please, what is the all-time BEST 5*, 4*, & 3* Teams? (both or either in ‘rainbow’ or ‘solid colors’? :upside_down_face:

‘27 Yankees
‘72 Dolphins
‘76 Candians
‘84 Oilers
‘04 Patriots
‘09 Barcelona


Single color:
1948 Browns

1971-72 Rainbow Warriors

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I’ll attempt to provide a serious answer:

Mono (solid color):
5*: 5x Atomos
4*: 5x Kashhrek
3*: 5x Dawa

5*: Mok-Arr, Guardian Owl, Guardian Kong, Atomos, Thorne
4*: Boomer, Danzaburo, Sumle, Kashhrek, Agwe
3*: Renfeld, Dawa, Jahangir, Friar Tuck, Graymane

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Hmmm, you guys are sure having fun with this!

If you want best rainbow 5* defenses, have a scroll through the top 100 defenses which can access under rankings

Otherwise, your question is simply too broad to engage with seriously, as demonstrated by the above buffoonery :stuck_out_tongue:


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