I'd love a female 3* blue

There are a lot of amazing women in this game, so I’m not implying there’s any sexism or anything. It’s just that there have been a lot of new heroes, and all of the blue 3*s are male. I’d love to add a girl to my blue team during monthly events and tourneys!

I love that Brynhild joined Skittleskull in the 4* green category. She’s awesome.

Who says Graymane is a male? Gato and Jarver could be female too…


Maybe. They all seem like a stretch. In the forums you usually see the masculine pronouns used, and there isn’t the kind of controversy around their gender that you see with, say, Telluria or pre-costume Skittleskull.

What about going 2*?

I don’t want a girl that bad, lol.

Mostly I just think it’s odd and thought I’d point it out. There are amazing female 4* and 5* blues.

Don’t call her bad.

She was a part of my very first squad. And she did good.

Bane - Jenneh - Ragnhild - Sharan - Layla

(Later she got fed and now she rests peacefully in the E&P afterworld).

The good old days… when I didn’t even know about ascension mats… :sweat_smile:


Because it would be Graywomane? :sweat_smile:


Who’s to say Ulmer isn’t female? There’s really no defining features. The chest is covered, the hair is hidden. I mean, sure, the face looks a little rugged, but I’m sure most people’s faces would look like that after being in Glaceholm for too long.

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Remember 2* raid tournaments before it got deleted? Good times. Well, they were not. But I could do some impact as new player with my full leveled and emblemed Layla :sweat_smile:

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Closest thing to a woman, Chick Jr.


I once had 17 emblems on Layla. So, I get it. If 2* tournaments were a regular thing I would have kept her. I think 2* events could be really fun and they could be made more interesting if Atlantis loot gave you Atlantis 2*s, etc, to give it more variety. But I like the way they do it too.

We can debate all we want that certain heroes could be female, and I won’t argue that they couldn’t. But there isn’t a 3* blue that everyone uses female pronouns for in the wider forums.

Ulmer being female would be funny, especially if she was Balthazar’s wife. It could explain the wizarding feud between them in the trials. No! I’m the wizard with authority around here! Yes dear, what you said.


LOL she is definitely a chick!!


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