I'd like to propose a new feature


I think a neat feature to add would be a sparring tab in the alliance section. Click into alliance tab, click on sparring corner, and have a “raid battle” with other alliance members. I would even add the “war rules” as a clickable option. That way you could test out offences and defenses without losing a bunch of trophies, spending a bunch in food re-rolling, or risk losing a war because of a bad defense setup. Plus it’d help pass the time when you’re out of energy.


If you browse the ‘ideas and features’ category on here you will find a shortlist of ideas for future development. This is already on the list as being considered but not worked on.


Ok, thank you…I feel stupid now lol


Don’t… it’s a good idea


I love the idea of practice in a neutral environment. Nothing ventured and nothing gained.


Sorry, that wasn’t my intention! I just thought you might like to browse the thread as there’s a lot of good stuff in there.


A good idea is a good idea!

Please upvote the original discussion post so that the concept of sparring is increasingly brought before SG for consideration for future inclusion.

I will close this thread as a duplicate, but please don’t feel discouraged from participating. The search feature is your friend, and there are plenty of threads waiting for your comments. :slight_smile: