Id like to know why i got a We Want You notification from a dead alliance Awesome?

After id joined a new alliance i got a notification that Awesome wanted me . i didnt leave alliance i joined but today i checked out Awesome its a dead alliance !!! So who’s sending these notifications ???

Wow. A new feature that may have been secretly in the works but somehow found some cracks or glitch in the matrix? Recruitment will be a bit easy to do if so. No more third party apps needed. No more disorganized global chat to deal with. I dunno.


Hope you screenshot the thing. Can you please share it?


A friend started playing and had a similar experience. At some point I’d you’re not in an alliance you get invited to one. But they only seemed to get dead alliances. I’m guessing the notification just randomly picks an alliance.


Well I guess developers shouldn’t send out false crap and only alliances that are actually recruiting get the algorithm to send out notices !!!

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I know some ‘dead’ alliances that get farmed regularly for titans for POV. Maybe the coming and going from dead alliances makes them look not dead.

I approve of a mechanism that gets new players to join an alliance. The ‘you are invited!’ message seems a bit off the mark. You weren’t invited, you were assigned.

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The dead can talk .

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All rightly LOL Yup non players can recruit !!!??? Alright moving on. Big sigh shake head

Alliance invite RNG is just another QoL improvement. If you join somewhere, the messages stop…


? Please explain further

You know, now that I think about it, I don’t know why I joined my first alliance. It could have been one of those automatic/random messages that are sent out when you aren’t in an alliance. My first alliance was definitely dead aside from a handful of active players (with whom we all started a new one). But it’s been almost 3 years, so I don’t remember.

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I know that. But OP pointed out that the invitation/notification was received AFTER he has joined an alliance. I also have some alt accounts and I can verify that invit notification only appears if the player is not in an alliance.

Thanks for your feedback

Uhm nope git the invite saying the WANTED me after I’d joined alliance and not right away

Missed that part. Maybe a delay in the automatic invites, i.e. didn’t register that he was already in an alliance.

@Craw How soon after you joined the alliance you got the notification?

This is why I thought it was weird

It was hours and not right way for notification

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Obviously the game developers are doing this and not alliances . Maybe if AR ie alliance recruitment chat room wasnt just a gossip room and allowed to run rampant there would be a place strictly for recruiting

K tired going to ved post and I’ll answer respond in morning Thanks

Omg ced = bed. … …

Omg toooo funny sad but true with e&p

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