I'd give up Evelyn - Defence Team

Is this a realistic and viable defence team to keep you in the Diamond rank?

If so I’d rather give up Evelyn to go for it.

Moreover which position is better for MN, wing or flank?

I would think Alberich, Alaise, Grav, Victor and Joon fully leveled (don’t know why you don’t want us to see levels :slight_smile: ) would be able to keep you in Diamond. Also replacing Alberich with Evelyn should be fine.

I assume you raid so will get back any cups you loose.

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Thanks. I would like to know whether it makes a stronger defense team using Alby and MN as staples with other fast snipers and DOT heroes.

The point of having Alby or MN in the left wing is to have them fire first. Having MN pop last (right wing)the respawned heroes wont attack before the turn is up.

Still learning so feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.


I think that calculation is based on the assumption that both are fully charged at the same time. But this may not be the case because the opponent may focus on taking down Alby first as his blood is thinner. It more depends on how the tiles are fired (more on Alby or more on MN). The setup is hoping that those raised by Ably will be healed by MN and those raised by MN will be healed by Alby. In the first team Alby and MN may switch position but Alby may need to be in the left corner if MN is used as a flank.

Moreover, if I am not mistaken Alby firing first may give mana boost to others and make them ready to fire in the same round.

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If I was fighting it I would target Gravemaker and then Alby. Neither your tank or flanks are really going to delay Gravemaker or Alby dying (Alby probably won’t get his special off most of the time). No healing, no attack debuff, no defense.

If Mother North then revives Alby… yea that would be super frustrating. But if he doesn’t immediately go off, he’s probably going to just die immediately again because Mother North heals before reviving and the minion has super low hp.

All that to say, it may be worth having Mother North as a flank so she can get her heal off earlier on and hopefully keep your team alive. Since people will like to blue stack, you may as well have blue gems hitting a green flank (imo wing color doesn’t really matter, they mostly die to specials rather than tiles).

Just guessing how this would play out, haven’t really faced Mother North much yet.

I agree that with MN in a flank position may have a better chance to get Ably revived to disrupt the strategy of taking down Alby right after GM. The charging of slow heroes will have to depend more on the luck of tiles. A yellow tank such as guin or delilah will be more solid but I don’t have the luck to own either.