iD#04 New! 5* Troops


I think it is easy to always think about upgrade to a stronger hero or troop for the next best thing.

My iD for the next level troop, is too add a bit more tactical play for in the game with the 5* troops.

In general the build up of a troop is now max. 79% total.
… Attack, and defense with an added developer choise of healing bonus, critical, health or mana bonus.

In your all New 5* troops, the max strength upgarde wil be 85% total (slightly more)
Butt you will be free to choose 4 of the 6 possible upgrade within your troop, and their strenth.

For example: You want your troop to combinewith a hero with a strong defense and slow mana.
Then you can set your troop to add a low defense and a max of mana upgrade.

This way you can tweak a special set of hero’s and a 5* troop to your own settings.
This way your setup of hero’s and troop will become a more tactical play
And a hero who wont be used now, can be suprisingly strong with a 5* troop.

Total strenth of the 5* troop is 85% and choose 4 of the 6 upgrade’s part to add
And a max setting for each part: ataack 30%, defense 30%, healing 20%, critical 20%, mana 20% and health 20%

Let me know what you think? :slight_smile:


My question is: How do you get 5* troops in the first place?


The way to get 5* troops is to like this id!! :wink:

The dev team have to build them first …
And then i guess they have tp become availible in the troop summon, and will have a drop rate even less then the 4* troop.
(is that even possible?)

Maybe they can make a 5* troop with an assension build into it? (like the hero’s have)