iD#03 - a New!? Donate / Trade system

Believe me when i say, i understand this would actually be iD#14398? in general :slight_smile:
Because if there is a topic there is a lot to talk about, it is a fair donate / trade system.

Think this is the ultimate system setup with all the pro and cons in it, so please bear with me.
( part 1 is the layout and functionality, part 2 the requirements to do so )


Donate / Trade system

Make a second summon gate, butt for alliance members only!
Divide it into 4 category:

  1. Event Hero Summon
  2. Exclusief Hero Summon
  3. Epic Hero Summon
  4. Epic Troop Summon

The Alliance Summon Gate will show all the possible hero or troops in grey.
( this way it is a libarary voor all members to see all possible hero or troops )

Players of your own Alliance with too much or duplicate Hero or Troops, can donate their Hero or Troops into their own alliance Summon Gate system.
When donated the Hero or Troop wil lite up in color, and by multiple it will show a number of available Hero or Troops.

A member of the Alliance now can request a summon of the Hero or Troop that is been donated, and a waiting timer of 4 days will activate.
In this time it is possible for a other member to request the same Hero or Troop as well.

The Alliance member who has the least count of Hero or Troops will have the most change to get the final transfer.
( for example a 4* Troop has been donated, Member 1 has already 4x 4* Troops, Member 2 has 1x 4* Troop. Member 1 will have a 20% chance and Member 2 a 80% chance to win the final transfer )

To make a REQUEST to transfer, you have to met the following requirements:

  • request of a 3* Hero or 2* Troop (min. player lvl.10, training camp lvl.10, 30 days Alliance member)
  • request of a 4* Hero or 3* Troop (min. player lvl.15, training camp lvl.15, 60 days Alliance member)
  • request of a 5* Hero or 4* Troop (min. player lvl.20, training camp lvl.20, 100 days Alliance member)

If you win the Request, you have to make the TRANFER possible b paying gems to Small Giant.

  • Transfer of a 3* Hero or 2* Troop ( 100 gems )
  • Transfer of a 4* Hero or 3* Troop ( 300 gems )
  • Transfer of a 5* Hero or 4* Troop ( 500 gems )

A failed transfer will put the Hero or Troop back into the system.

And for each catogory 1 transfer is possible for each 122 days!
(so max. 3 Hero’s and 1 Troop for each app. 4 month.)

Hope you can find it all reasonable, and i will see it in the comments :wink:


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