iD#02 - choose Defense / Attact team


Within Heroes you can edit your team, and choose witch team is your defense team.
Why not ad witch team is your attact team…?

Then when you are in alliance, and you choose a player, you can choose defense or attact team shown.

This way, team players in your alliance, can help you set or advice in you in your team settings.

Just a small idea and my two cents … :wink:


Currently there are three teams you can create at once. Just open the team menu and swipe to the side. There is a button at the bottom that you can push for your choosing. Can be offense/ defense or even a individual set up for each level of events like beginner/ moderate and advanced with advanced being your normal playing team. Hope that helps. Best of luck.


That i understand, butt you can not see an offense/attact team of a other (alliance) player… only defense.


Just simple ask them to click their other team they already have made. Takes just a few seconds. I do like the ability to be able to see the team that attacked me in a raid as opposed to trying to revenge and seeing only their defense.