iD#01 - Small Giant should Reward good / briljant ideas


Everywhere I read in this forum, a lot of players always backup Small Giant, that they need to make money.

So why is it, when somebody has a great or usefull idea, they don’t have a reward system in place?
A lot of company’s and developers have!

Because a great or usefull idea would make them money in the log run, and would give some readers an insentive to post great ideas.
A great or usefull idea makes the game better and more fun to play, what makes them money as well!

So maybe it would be nice to get rewarded for a great or usefull idea…

  • Reward could be a hero of the month ( or token, so you can choose to use it yourself :slight_smile: )

And also, there are some realy great ideas already out there!

  • So why doesnt Small Giant post each month their top 3 of great ideas posted here?
  • then the readers each month can vote, #1 gets value pack 1, #2 gets value pack 2 etc.

Would be nice nice to see this happen and get my first reward :slight_smile:


I see your viewpoint, however, rarely is it ones person idea that gets something implemented. Typically it is the collective effort of numerous people adding to or detracting from the original idea. The original proposed idea may actually barely resemble the end product that was utilized.


Agree with Brat :sunglasses:

Mikcis, it’s a good idea from the players viewpoint and I will be happy if it happens. but I think it actually is very hard to manage and implement this feature for SG, given the plethora of things they have already got on their plate to fix :grinning:

On a lighter note, if this gets implented then we will have so many fights about whose idea was original and who stole whose idea etc , leading up to claims / wills / title deeds / patents / copyrights etc. I am sure SG wants no part of all that mess lol