Icy question: Emblem paths for C. Isarnia

In last costumes I got Isarnia costume. I use her quite a lot in Titans and blue stack. Now, I want to emblem her but I don’t know wich path should I go. Any toughts?

For me, I like the costume better (see here: Costumes... Whats the Point? Which is Better?)

So I would probably go:
R, L, R, L …

Following Sword > HP > Defence


This was the path I chose, which was mostly defensive. Wanted to have a closer balance between the 2 versions for titans and raids (the delay mana talent is a buttsaver for sure)
For the last 2 nodes I will probably go for defense and mana gen on costume, which will be mana gen and attack for regular Isarnia.

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I have Isarnia costume fully leveled. I use the regular Isarnia as I prefer her higher def debuff. Currently she is emblemed to Node 9.

If you like this version, here is the talent path:

I went complete attack path.

Hope this helps.


Looks like everyone leveraging her big attack to be even bigger. I was thinking of going defence route to even up the strats a bit. She’s so week to hits and with slow mana I was planning to keep her in the game longer with better defence and hp?

Can you say why you would go attack route instead?

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Here’s my thinking:

I can build a team to increase her survivability. When that’s the case, I’m much better off helping her do what she does best - hit the enemies like a truck.

With that level of attack, if she goes off more than once, you can be assured that you’re winning that battle.

There’s also a slight tactical element w.r.t. Isarnia. She not only hits everyone hard, but also casts that ridiculous def down, making other hard hitters scarier. So, if she is on the defence, an opponent usually tends to focus his attacks on her in order to mitigate that risk.
(Imagine getting hit by Isarnia followed by some hard hitters like Ursena or Lianna or Vela… not a pretty scenario)

This means you can design the rest of your defense team to take advantage of this predictable move.

But again, this is just my thinking.



Thanks, in this case Im focusing her only for Titans/attack teams since I already have Alice in def team.

In that case, I think it’s purely preference.

I like Isarnia’s attack … and I like seeing the opponent team melt when she casts her special a second time.
Also, I don’t feel she is as squishy even when emblemed the attack path.

I count Isarnia as both an awesome support hero AND a hard hitter … I guess that’s why I like the attack path on her.

If you consider Isarnia’s role in your team as a pure support hero… then I guess you’ll be happier with the Def-HP path.

Hope this helps.


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