Icon in Hero Roster for spent/used War heroes

Hi, a minor thing that has been bugging me a bit while growing and not having a great depth in my roster is that it’s hard to keep track of what heroes you have already used in ongoing war. It makes sense to put levels into the unused heroes.
Wouldn’t it be neat with a little icon in the roster miniatures indicating that a hero is already spent?
Maybe not the most critical thing to start working on straight away, but I for one would appreciate it. Thanks!

If this is just about the Wars then you already have that when you click on attack to choose your offense team.
It will remive all already used heros from your options of heros to choose from.

And (you may already know this) when you are on the war scene, you’ll see the gear in the upper top left corner. If you hit that, and then the attack team button, you’ll see what heroes remain.

It’s a better option than simply sitting on a team on the field to check, and gives you lots of time before and after battles to check them , make notes, etc.


Oh, I did not know that. I usually pick an opponent and edit team like that. That’s helpful! :blush:


It’s been bugging me from the start that I can’t see the the heroes already used up in the current war on the hero roster page. At the moment I have to go to the battlefield, click on attack, then I see my choices. By the time I get back to the normal hero roster I’ve forgotten who’s available and who isn’t.

It would really appreciate a mini tab/sign/button next to the heroes used up in an active war.

I didn’t know that, thanks!

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