Ice rock stars

Hello everybody!

For now, I have a collision on how to build the Ice rock stars, heroes.
I have maxed Frida, Isarnia, Kirill and Grimm. And they are really great. That’s why I stopped promoting Sonya and Triton level. But suddenly I’ve got Arthur, 3 Thornes(yes, three) and one Richard.
I have resources to promote any of them to max level. But I doubt what config would be the best.
Kirill buff first.
Frida is responsible for ice attack debuff.
Isarnia goes after that.
If you are still alive Grimm would finish the work.

But there is no limit for perfection.
I thought that it would be great to promote Arthur. But as a shooter, he is not best because of average mana. And I already have ice attack debuff.
Thorne or Richard would be good on Grimm position, but that change doesn’t worth resourses.
I decided to wait for Miki or Magni and then promote then. Am I right with my thoughts?

Given what you’ve already got, the 5 star one I’d consider is Richard. You don’t really end much in your mono blue team.

Don’t forget Triton. The fast speed and heal buff are great whenever attacking mono, I find. He’s worth the capes imo

As far as hitters, Magni would be nice. Lepus is great with this crew (with the debuffs active, or even one of them ) he just kills stuff