Ice, fire missions and challenges


Hello everybody. I’d like to know when will ice, fire, dark missions and challenges start ?
I need gloves, capes,traps and knife for ascending my heroes. I don’t receive these missions for a while ago.
Thanks for your answer ! :blush::blush:


If you mean elemental chests then they appear randomly. I am also waiting for one, didnt get any this month(((


Yes elemental items ! They’re hard to have unless you buy them ! Hope to have them next month


So I assume you want to know when you can get your ascension items?


You may get these rare ascension materials from:

  • normal Wanted chests (kill 100 monsters, 40 heroes, 5 titans) — very rare to get mats, but possible
  • elemental chests (kill 150 monsters or heroes of a particular color) — almost guaranteed to get rare mats, a lot of gems and three summons. These replace a normal Wanted chest from time to time.
  • Titan loot. Odds of getting rare mats increase as your alliance slays harder titans.
  • Mystic vision rewards
  • Rare quests, where rare mats in the loot from the top two levels. These quests roll around on a fixed order but random schedule, every couple of weeks.
  • monthly challenge events, where rare mats are awarded for completing and to top competitors.
  • purchases, either with $ or gems. The Ascension Packs in the store occasionally offer (poor) odds of getting rare mats, while the cash purchases have guaranteed items.

Short of taking the occasional offer to purchase items, there’s no guaranteed path to get mats. Improve your odds by completing Wanted missions as soon as possible (to get more missions and hasten getting an elemental chest). Join a strong alliance and take down challenging titans. Play daily, watching all the Mystic visions and completing all rare quests. Build up your teams to compete in challenge events.


Thank you enough Kerridoc for all these explanations ! My Alliance members
are not active they leave titans escape I plan to have 2000 cups to leave
that Alliance and also ascending 3 of my epic heroes to have more chance to
beat harder titans in an active Alliance ! Unfortunately, I can’t more buy
special items for ascending my heroes because I have a payment problem !
Hope to have required items to ascend my heroes in quests and wanted
missions ! what’s your Alliance’s name and what are requirements to be
members ?

From Kouassi Martinèse Paraiso


Good plan. Finding an alliance to grow with is essential. Taking down big titans gives you a once-a-day chance to get some ascension mats.

It is entirely possible to do solidly in E&P without paying. I think @Rook is free-to-play (at least mostly), and my son won a monthly challenge event (at the “beginner” level) having only paid a few dollars.

I’m in Crystal Palace, a top-10 alliance regularly dropping 10* titans. We are currently full and might be a little harder than you’re looking for. Read over the Alliance Recruitment section of these boards to find a happy home. Look for one where your team power is towards the bottom, but not THE bottom, of the alliance so as you grow you won’t need to move again.


Well, what am I asked to do in E&P ? and what is it ? My team power is currently 2785 and 1430 cups I have in my team Sonya 4* (need 2 capes to ascend her), Kelile 4* ( remembers 1 knife to ascend her) Rigard 4* (remembers 3 traps) scarlett and kiril. I need their ascension mats for hoping be active and having more chance to be in a good Alliance so which one do you recommend me ? I’ll try yo look for a good one therefore


Trying to recommend a good alliance is like setting someone up on a blind date—which I’ve never done, and I’m not about to start now!

Take a read through the posts here and talk to the recruiters:


You know what ? I’ve received and finished an ice mission today ! I won wonderful rewards and also titan good rewards from titan mission too ! I’ve got all you said and when I’ll fully ascend my epic and rare heroes, I’ll plan to join a good and interactive Alliance !
Thanks enough Kerridoc ! :smile::smile: