ICE CREAM PARTY - 1800+ cups, 10/11* Titans & fun but serious players! 29/30!

Come join the Ice Cream Party!

Do you want to drizzle your Ice Cream with the blood of your enemies and sprinkle it with their tears?

Well then we’ve got the Alliance for you. We are a stable, fun, no drama alliance of serious players that have been together for a year and a half. We are currently hitting 10-11* Titans.

You must use all War hits, not miss Titans and we require 1800+ trophies.

We are looking for fun, easy going but serious players - filling up fast, come join us today!

Message here or discord Andros#5581 with any questions!


Do you guys talk? Like, communicate? Use all war flags? I’m level 35 with a decent roster. Very active.

I’m also chatty…

Oh! An It’s Always Sunnny reference! I like you guys already. But would you like me? Hmmm…

Love my current alliance, but I feel like I’m a bit more gung-ho about the game. I’d feel bad, but I don’t wanna get got. I wanna get.

Join now! One spot open!!

Ha. I just raided one of your teammates the other day and had a laugh at the great names. If you had a fistful of openings, the wife and I (plus alts) would be over in a flash.

Hahaha, how many spots would you need, I can keep an eye out if it comes up

Haha. A bunch. I’ve got two decent accounts and one crappy one, the wife has 1 decent and one weak, and I’ve a buddy who’s very strong. So 4-6. :crazy_face:

Haha, yeah too bad! I could possibly scrounge up 2 now but definitely not 4-6! Sorry Randy Bo Bandy!

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1 spot open for recruitment!!

Come join us. These 10* are going down like hot cakes!

You know it man! Join now, one spot left!!

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Mmmmmm. 20 ice creams

Hey, may be interested in joining, tried messaging you on discord but doesn’t seem to be working (discord newb)

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Sure, if you want to send me your discord name I can try to initiate the chat! (Make sure it’s the full name with the #

We just got beat up by our first 12*. Join us and let’s see if we can get the next one.

Discord - Psycrowsis#9422

sent you a friend request

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