ICE CREAM PARTY - 13* Titans, All War hits, Fun Group! 29/30

Tired of your friends calling you Small Giant? Join now! They’ll still make fun of you. But at least you’ll have someone to listen to you cry about it.

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One new spot open, get that big booty in here…

Yes! Please do!

20 I like big butts and can not lies

It’s not your booty it’s your beauty…

Text BIGBOOTY to 54423 to join now!!



Make me wanna twerk bro!!

New spot open! It’s your early Christmas present

Or ours…
Twenty of these guys :smiling_imp:

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Baby it’s cold outside, you really should join…

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Is that true? Both parts.

One new spot open, come join our great team!

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I was always disappointed taking my girlfriend to an ice cream shop when I was in high school. They never had anything interesting to me.

Then I had a dream that I was on a similar date and said, “I don’t see anything that grabs me. I’ll just take a cone of frozen peanut butter.”

Let me tell you, this alliance has that frozen peanut butter.

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One new spot open, join now!

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Here’s my sleepy and uncreative bump.

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I scream you scream it’s annoying. Please stop…


Join ICP.


Wait…wrong thread…

How do magnets for work ??

3 spots open, join now! Alternatively you could keep doing what you’re doing. But you’ve seen how that has been working out for you.

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If you think California knows how to party, just wait until you see us…

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