ICE CREAM PARTY - 13* Titans, All War hits, Fun Group! 29/30. (lvl 60+)


A new spot open, join now!!

would like to join, active player level 71

Sure I saw you join and leave, changed mind? @run43

Sorry, not meant to be rude. Was looking for a home and at that moment my buddy got an open spot on his alliance. All the best!

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Thanks makes sense good luck!

One new spot open, join now!

Man, you guys sure can keep folks for a long time!


Come join now and fulfill your every desire, of joining the Ice Cream Party…

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There ain’t no party like an Ice Cream Party because an Ice Cream Party don’t stop.

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You scream, I’ll scream we will all scream if you don’t join our team.

Ice Cream or performance enhancing drugs? You be the judge.

With these guys…I’m guessing drugs. Hard. ■■■. Drugs.

One new spot open, join now or Dawa will haunt your dreams forever…


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Bootsy Collins says GET THE FUNK IN HERE!


Right said Fred says, I’m too sexy for my Jahangir, too sexy for my Jahangir, too sexy for Jahangir, too sexy for Gil-ra it hurts!!

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