ICE CREAM PARTY - 13* Titans, All War hits, Fun Group! 29/30. (lvl 60+)

Hey Sharan, we have someone interested did you still want to join?

One spot open, join us now for your free reading!

still interested! sorry for the late reply. i’ve sent you an invite on discord

One new spot open, don’t go breaking my heart!

Level 63 with a sick rooster. I play all day. Current alliance got soft and I am looking for more. Send me an invite if interested. MatthewH1215

Sounds good, sending invite

Wouldn’t pull you up for some reason. I’ve switched the alliance to open. Go ahead and join…

These guys kick ■■■.

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I can’t say that?!

20 astonished faces

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Brand new spot open! Join now!

He’s lying. The spot is actually pretty old. But it is open.

You’re wrong and dumb and no one likes you except me and now I hate you.

Yeah, I could see that.

20 unsurprised expressions.

Brand new spot open! Join now!!

Hey! Tried to contact you on discord, but I think you have to accept me first before sending a message :slight_smile:

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@The_Seeker hey! Sent a message on discord

It’s probably an auto cancel on Andros’s part. From what I gather, he doesn’t like anyone.


I noticed that. I talked to him and it was scary to see my messages full of smiles and nothing from his part :disappointed_relieved: I guess he is one of those Slayers of Fell type of fellows

Oh I like everyone just not you Fumbalina

Also, how is YYZ treating you, traitor?

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